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A Quick Guide to Perfectly Planned Publicity




Appoint a Press Coordinator

Ask someone to do the research and submissions for you.  It can be a cousin, sorority sister or even a neighbor, simply identify someone in your network of friends and family who has some understanding of media.  You don’t need a Ph.D. in Public Relations to point you in the right direction, you simply need someone who can cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s on your behalf.



Define your Community

Determine the print media outlets that are connected to, and likely interested in covering, you and the groom.  These will be newspapers, newsletters and magazines on the local, regional and national levels. 



Pick your Favorite Publications

Do you just love reading the wedding announcement sections in certain magazines and newspapers?  These are precisely the types of publications you can target.  You may not be rich and famous, but there is no harm in trying and submitting the information.  Simply prepare yourself and understand that no response is not personal, there are simply thousands of brides trying to land the same spots.



Show Some School Spirit

You and your groom’s high school and college alma maters very often will also publish a class notes section that include spots for engagements and weddings.  



Do your Homework

While researching your target publications, you’ll see that each one has their own submission requirements.  So when planning the pitch, be sure you have precisely what they are asking for.  Predetermine the number of film photos you will need to submit in total to all outlets.  Be sure you label each in pencil on the back with your return address on the back.  They likely will not return the photos, but perhaps some intern will be cleaning through the press room one day and the initiative to drop it in the mail to you.  Also, predetermine the number of CD photos you’ll need to submit.  Be sure to include your return address information on the actual CD not the cover.  If you can email your photos, be sure they are high-resolution but small enough that the file gets through.  Also include in your tally extra wedding invitations for the press as some will require these as well.



Since information is available to everyone online, go to the websites of the publications you wish to target.  Many of them will have the submission details spelled out for you on their homepage.  Some publications will charge per line and per edition, so be sure you talk this through with the account executive.  You don’t want a lengthy announcement to throw you off your budget.  Also, remember that small town publications will likely just list an editor in the Lifestyle section.  Just call the branch or email her, I’m sure they’ll be able to email you all the forms you need.  Hopefully these ideas will create more wedding buzz for you and your partner.


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